As a follower of Michael Kitces you are no doubt familiar with the long list of best practices that Michael recommends to run a successful financial planning practice. You would love to implement all of them but you simply do not have the time or the resources.  You are not alone!

Pinnacle Advisor Solutions was launched in 2011 by Pinnacle Advisory Group — the leading national independent wealth management at which Michael Kitces is a partner — to help advisors just like you.  Our strategic independent partners plug-in to Pinnacle’s wealth management platform and a variety of other valuable resources needed to run a successful firm.

Financial Planning – Our strategic partners have access to all of Michael’s published research with a free membership to Our partners also enjoy a very unique opportunity to engage with Michael directly on topics important to you via Office Hours with Michael Kitces.

Investments – Pinnacle employs the very same portfolio management techniques describe by Michael in Nerds Eye View and The Kitces Report, including such best practices as household level account management, tax management using tax location and tax loss harvesting and rebalancing using allocation tolerance bands.

Operations Management  – Client administration can be time consuming, especially without the right staff and technology platform.  Pinnacle not only shares with you the same client relationship management staff it uses with its own clients, but also allows you to leverage its integrated technology platform including CRM, Portfolio Management, Trading, Document Management, Financial Planning software and more.

Compliance  – Pinnacle has partnered with a leading national compliance firm to make this often tedious process as painless as possible. Although not a key to building your business, handling compliance correctly is a “must” to stay in business — especially given the stated intention of regulators to audit every two years.

Continuity & Succession Planning – Long a best practice recommended by Michael, regulators are now crafting rules to require advisors to have a continuity and/or succession plan. Pinnacle offers a leading solution that addresses your need to care for clients, your family and the regulators without requiring you to forfeit your independence.