Pinnacle Advisory Group is a leading private, independent wealth management firm headquartered in Columbia, Maryland with an additional office in  Miami, Florida. The firm provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management on a fee-only basis to more than 1,230 individuals and families and it manages nearly $2 billion of their wealth.

Financial Planning industry guru Michael Kitces is partner and Director of Wealth Management at Pinnacle.

Through Michael’s leadership and Pinnacle’s commitment to innovative, research-based financial planning, we provide our clients with strategies and techniques that may take years for the rest of the industry to adopt, including safe withdrawal rates and tax location.



CLIENTS: 1,250


OFFICES: Columbia, MD – Miami, FL

Since 2002 Pinnacle has been an industry leader in active and tactically managed portfolios. Pinnacle’s investment committee is chaired by founding partner and leading mind in Active Portfolio Management Ken Solow, author of Buy and Hold is Still Dead (Again) – The Case for Active Portfolio Management in Dangerous Markets.

Pinnacle Advisory Group established Pinnacle Advisor Solutions in 2011.

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