Michael Kitces, CFP®
Director of Wealth Management

Michael attended Bates College in Maine, where he found himself drawn to the liberal arts. After bouncing between several fields — including theater and medicine — he eventually graduated with a degree in psychology. His introduction to finance came entirely by chance: He needed a job, and the first position he found was in insurance sales. “A lot of the people in the office were one trick ponies — they had a favorite insurance product they wanted to sell, and promoted it to clients as the solution to every problem. But there was one individual at the agency who was a certified financial planner, and he took a more holistic approach. He would first figure out what the clients’ problems were, and would then use an array of solutions to meet their needs. It seemed intuitively obvious to me that this was the right approach, so I shifted in the direction of financial planning.”

Michael received his CFP®, along with an alphabet soup of other designations and two graduate degrees. In 2002, Michael joined Pinnacle as Director of Planning and was made a partner in 2012.

“What can we do to elevate the profession of financial planning — certainly for the benefit of our clients here at Pinnacle, but also for the industry as a whole? What can we do to provide better solutions for people? That’s what interests me.”