Strategic Business Consulting

You know how to plan and care for your clients financial future, but are you equally as comfortable managing your own?  Do you wish you had a mentor or sounding board to help workout business issues?

Strategic Business Consulting.  Pinnacle Advisor Solutions is offering advisors a unique opportunity to engage in a strategic dialogue with John Hill, Pinnacle’s CEO, that will reveal Pinnacle Advisory Group’s blueprint for success, customize it to your firm’s circumstances and support a discipline of action. It’s time for you to enjoy the same personal and professional success you offer their clients. You are not alone anymore!

  • Discovery.  We will engage is a process of discovery to ascertain the present circumstances and future ambitions of your practice in much the same way that you engage with your own clients.
  • Planning.  John Hill, CEO of Pinnacle Advisory Group, Peter McGratty, VP of Strategic Partnerships, and Dale van Scoyk, Director of Strategic Partnerships, will assist with the development of the planning necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals.  This assistance is educated in no small part by what Pinnacle Advisory Group has learned over the last twenty years – what has worked and what has not worked.
  • Discipline.  Discovery and planning must be followed by the disciplined behavior of execution.   We will do our part to support your business with investment management, back office operations, private-label client communications, and succession planning solutions.  We will also steadily work with you to encourage the execution of your plan and help amend it when circumstances warrant.

Practice Management.  The founding partners at Pinnacle Advisory Group started, grew and now manage one of the leading independent financial advisory firms in the nation serving more than 1,100 individuals and families with more than $1.5 billion of assets under management.  The firm is a five-time winner of the coveted Moss Adams “Best Managed Practice” award. Having met with hundreds of advisors around the country and drawing on more than twenty years of hands-on experience facing the same challenges that advisors face today, Pinnacle Advisor Solutions has developed a program to help motivated advisors overcome their most common issues and succeed.