Marketing Communications

Does your firm create a strong first impression? Does it look like the resources are there to take care of clients? Do you appeal to a client’s vanity that they have made it?

Marketing Communications.  Pinnacle is now offering the same marketing communications collateral that we use with our own wealth management clients branded for your firm.  In an increasingly competitive environment, first impressions matter: a Schwab study concluded that prospects may consider as many as 8-10 advisors before choosing one.  These impressions require resources.  We have made those investments so you don’t have to.

In Support of Existing Clients

Investment Committee.  Our investment team hosts an investment committee meeting with advisors once per month to review the market outlook and how it is positioning portfolios for that outlook.  This is an opportunity to engage directly with the investment team. Afterwards, a replay is posted to an advisor vault along with InvestmentNotes that provide client talking points and additional portfolio positioning information.

Investment Magazine.  Pinnacle publishes a monthly investment magazine designed for clients and branded for the advisor that includes several articles as well as a review of the market and our performance.

Pinnacle Market Notes.  The investment team regularly publishes articles on various investment topics.  These articles are helpful for the 10-20% of clients that demand a steady stream of investment information.

Special Reports.  When appropriate, the investment team will dive deep into a topical issue, for example, the fiscal cliff.  These will also be branded for your practice.

In Support of New Business Development

Investment White Papers.  The Investment Method is written for clients to describe our investment process.  We have also published a book, Buy & Hold is Dead, for those that want even more detail.  And we have a library of other white papers and articles that support our investment process.

Introductory Investment Video.  Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services recently acknowledged our firm as a leader in the use of video within the wealth management industry. We have a series of videos addressing the investment process that you can use with clients and/or on your website.

Investment Presentation Training.  The same client investment presentation that Pinnacle uses with its clients is available to you.  Use parts of the presentation or use it in its entirety.  We have also audio overlaid the presentation so you can hear how we make the presentation to clients.

New Business Development.  Let’s face it, when a prospect is searching for a reputable firm to handle his or her finances, first impressions count. Does your firm convey the impression that it possesses the resources necessary to support the prospect’s finances?  Does the professionalism of the organization evoke feelings of trust and safety in an uncertain world?  Does it appeal to the prospect’s vanity that they have achieved a level of success that deserves access to your services?  And of equal importance, do you have a differentiated story to tell?