Risk Managed Investments

Reduce risk for your clients.  Make your revenues more stable.  Free valuable time for clients and new business development.  Offer prospects a more differentiated value proposition.

Investment Management.  Pinnacle is now offering advisors the same risk managed investment program that it has been using successfully with its own clients for more than a decade.  Our goal is to compound returns consistent with our clients’ plan assumptions: keeping up with our benchmarks in rising markets and reducing downside capture in declining markets.  The value of risk-management is paramount – a key feature that buy and hold strategies have been lacking. Learn more about our process in our book Buy & Hold is Dead (Again).

  • The program boasts a ten-year GIPs compliant and third party audited track record of beating the benchmarks with less risk after all investment expenses and our management fee.
  • The program is tax-aware: it manages client portfolios at the household level which enables us to implement tax location strategies that can boost after-tax returns by as much as 0.50% in addition to the more traditional tax strategies that other money managers use.  
  • And because our solution was designed by advisors for advisors, the program can handle common customization requirements like legacy securities, alternative (proxy) securities, and account level cash reserve, withdrawal and billing settings.

Practice Management.  Our research shows that our program can free as much as 40% of an advisor’s time by assuming the responsibilities of investment research, asset allocation, security selection, trading, rebalancing, trade allocation and daily trade reconciliation.  Now more than ever before, time is precious.

New Business Development.  Since the millennium, neighbors are chronically unemployed, incomes and home values are down and clients understandably want to preserve their wealth.  Passive, static asset allocation strategies have been proven less reliable at managing risk even over long periods of time.   Most tactical strategies are back-tested and unproven. Pinnacle offers a differentiated story: a risk-managed solution that has proven itself during the most difficult markets in history.

Pinnacle Investment Method
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Wall Street Transcript
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