Continuity Planning

What is your firm worth if something happens to you? Will your family get anything for all your life’s work? And who will take care of your clients when you are gone?

Let’s face it: You’re not getting any younger, and your clients know it. Unfortunately, there is a good chance you don’t have a legitimate continuity program in place to establish a realizable enterprise value and to ensure that both your family and your clients are cared for in your absence.

That’s how we can help. PRISM is Pinnacle Advisor Solutions unique continuity planning solution that fixes a value to your firm that can be exercised upon death, disability or voluntary retirement, but which is also revocable at any time. You can maintain your independence and business flexibility while still enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having a continuity plan in place.

Protect Your Family.  Your family may not be very familiar with your practice, and may not know how it runs or what it’s worth. Why not free them from the burden of having to learn all of that while also helping to ensure their financial well-being should something happen to you?

Protect Your Clients.  Clients want to be secure in this uncertain economic environment, and you need them to feel as safe with you as they would with a larger institution. Put their minds at ease by establishing a continuity plan upfront.

Establish Enterprise Value.   You can protect your family with life insurance, but that fails to realize the value of years of cumulative effort.  Pinnacle’s continuity planning solution not only delivers value to you and/or your family upon death, disability or voluntary retirement, but it also establishes a realizable value for your practice while you’re still running it.