Back Office

Spend your time where it can have the greatest impact.  Free valuable time for clients and new business development.  Eliminate the headache of back office operations without sacrificing service.  

Back Office.  Pinnacle is offering comprehensive and state-of-the-art back office operational services ordinarily only available to large firms that manage more than $1 billion AUM.  Borrow our scale and know-how on a cost effective basis so you can stay focused on client facing activities.

  • Investment Operations.  Investment management is only part of the solution. Then it needs to be implemented.  And unlike pooled investment vehicles like mutual funds, your clients typically have multiple taxable and tax-deferred accounts that require greater diligence and are ideally managed at the household level.  We will assume responsibility for the daily download and reconciliation of client accounts plus all trading, re-balancing, trade allocation and tax location.
  • Client Reporting.  Then there is the regular work to produce the client level reporting that you and your clients need to oversee  financial progress.  We will be responsible for client level reporting and its delivery through a client vault branded for your practice.
  • Administration.  Often the most time and patience consuming processes are account set-up and administration, billing and online document management. These require a familiarity with the custodian and your practice as well as trained staff to be done right.

Practice Management.  The secret to great success is focusing your time on the value-added services that attract and retain clients while finding staff or outsourcing partners to handle the daily routine of back office operations. You should focus on what you do best and what is most important to the client, and allow others to do what they do best in the back office.  And in this day and age, larger firms are more able to afford to make the necessary investments in people and technology to succeed.