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Four Things Affluent Investors Must Know About Risk Management

risk management

Sophisticated investors pay attention when someone brings up the topic of portfolio risk management. Affluent investors are often the most risk averse, perhaps because they have already accumulated enough money during their lifetime to achieve their financial planning objectives. Having reached their accumulation goals, they don’t want to lose their hard-earned gains because the financial markets misbehave. But affluent investors …

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Preparing For The Next Downturn

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We already know that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. We hear it all the time. Time management studies1 show advisors are time constrained and our conversations with advisors confirm exactly that. There is too much to do and not enough time to do it all. It seems that any time I read the …

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Are You Worried Yet?

market downturn

The conversations we have been having with advisors this year have distinctly changed. During the bull market our conversations were focused on either building a practice or planning for retirement. Now the conversations have shifted towards risk management and preparing clients for the next market downturn. There is growing angst that clients expect advisors to proactively protect them against market …

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Why Is Your Succession Plan Last on the To-Do List?

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Most, but not all, financial planners list small business planning and exit strategies as a line item in the scope of planning services they provide. Better operational, financial, and tax implications of proper exit strategies for small business owners, a common niche for many financial planners, will inevitably lead to improved client satisfaction, retention rates, and even an increase in …

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Outsourcing = More Time For You

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In a recent blog, Michael Kitces, Pinnacle’s Director of Wealth Management cites a Cerulli Associates report stating that the number of financial advisors who are outsourcing investment management is on the rise. He goes on to argue those numbers will continue to grow as advisors focus more on financial planning as part of their value proposition. Pinnacle Advisor Solutions recently …

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Three Ways to Go Beyond Passive to Value

Propelled by the authority of Nobel Laureates, their simplicity of execution and the excess returns they produced during the secular bull market of the 1980 and 1990s, passive investment strategies became a cornerstone of the wealth management business. Since the turn of millennium however, they have suffered two important blows: robo-advisors and market volatility. Together these have raised questions in …

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Volatility Awakens: A Market Review

Coming Volatility 1000x500

The beginning of the first quarter was serene and pleasurable, as equity markets levitated on the back of increasing earnings expectations and solid world economic underpinnings. But the market euphoria didn’t last long. February saw volatility awaken from its slumber with a jolt, kicking off a long-anticipated correction that reminded investors there is never a free lunch in the world …

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Business Continuity Planning – A Survivor’s Story

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When I began working for Pinnacle in September, 2013 I was new to the world of financial advisory firms. I faced a steep learning curve in my first few months here. Just before my arrival, Pinnacle launched PRISM, its solution for business continuity and succession plans for independent RIAs. When I began to familiarize myself with PRISM it hit close …

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Understanding Sequence Of Return Risk – Safe Withdrawal Rates, Bear Market Crashes, And Bad Decades

The current bull market is nearly nine years old and the second longest in history. 2017 was one of the strongest years so far, with some of the lowest volatility in history. This type of behavior is more indicative of a speculative blow-off before a bear market than the start of a new bull market cycle. As planners with clients entering …

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How Long Will The Sweet Spot Last?

Stock Market Sweet Spot 1000x500

After a solid third quarter, investors began to wonder just how long the market could run without a healthy pullback.  But those bracing for a market correction got caught flat footed as markets found a way to keep powering ahead in the fourth quarter.  Domestic equity markets surged in anticipation of tax relief, emerging markets and commodities feasted off synchronized …

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