For Recruiters & Transition Consultants

Expand Your Value Proposition.  Increase Your Probability of Success.  Another Way to Get Paid.

Pinnacle Advisor Solutions is seeking to develop professional relationships with leading recruiting and transition consulting firms in the wealth management business.

Pinnacle Advisor Solutions, a division of Pinnacle Advisory Group, a leading national wealth management firm, is offering existing independent advisors and advisors considering independence for the first time a comprehensive and turnkey business solution. Through this unique strategic partnership program, an advisor can leverage the resources and the formula for success of a larger firm without sacrificing ownership or control.

More advisors than ever before are considering the independent RIA model as a viable business model (click for chart). But, until now, most recruiting and consulting firms have been hamstrung in offering this solution because (a) there were few exceptional programs available to recommend and (b) there was no way to be compensated for recommending that solution.

Now, Pinnacle Advisor Solutions offers an exceptional business solution for independent advisors or break-away advisors with AUM of $25-250MM and is prepared to compensate recruiters and consultants for introducing and helping close qualified candidates.

By adding the Pinnacle solution to your arsenal, your firm increases its probability of providing a satisfactory solution to your clients and expands your value proposition from a more narrow recruiting focus to a more comprehensive consulting solution.