For Custodians:
Relationship Managers (RMs)


Need to Accelerate Revenue Growth? Reduce Client Service Demands? Increase Client Satisfaction?

Accelerate Revenue Growth.  The best way to help your advisors grow is to (a) eliminate the time they spend on non-client facing / non-revenue producing activities and (b) arm them with a proven investment program and marketing communications so they have a differentiated story to tell clients.  Pinnacle does exactly that! John Peterson, the advisor speaking in the sidebar video, grew his practice 10-15% inside the first nine months of joining our program because he was no longer capacity constrained and he had a better solution to sell.

Plus, your firm will see an immediate pick-up in trading revenues when those advisors are transitioning from a passive investment program to our risk-managed tactical program while also improving performance for the end client.  

Reduce Client Service Demands. Advisors with less than $200MM often lack resources and rely heavily on support from their custodians.  This creates more work for you.  And often this work is not associated with growth or revenue related activities. By outsourcing the investment management and back office to our staff of professionals trained to use your systems and follow your processes, there is less work for you

Increase Client Satisfaction.  Advisors chose the profession to provide financial planning and investment advice to clients, not to spend their days handling investment operations, back office operations, administration and compliance.  We estimate that our solutions can free up to 40-80% of their time to do what they enjoy and to do what will grow their business.  John Peterson, the advisor speaking in the video to the left, commented to us that he is beginning to have fun again!