For Custodians:
Business Development Officers (BDOs)


Pinnacle Can Help Identify, Close and On-Board New Advisors

Identify Prospects. Identifying advisors when they are getting ready to make a move can be difficult.  So we created the Breakaway Advisors Symposium to provide wirehouse advisors the information they need to make an informed decision about independence and introduce them to the experts who can assist with the transition. Join us in our effort to attract and educate the next round of advisors to choose independence.

Close Prospects.  Offering a more complete business solution endorsed by one of the original breakaway brokers is a powerful combination. Let us help you close your prospects.

Turnkey Business Solution.  Breakaways advisors need a complete business solution.  The services provided by the wirehouse or broker-dealer or independent RIA they are leaving need to be replaced so they can remain focused on client facing activities.  They need a custodian.  They need a compliance consultant.  And they need Pinnacle Advisor Solutions to provide investment management, back office, marketing communications, strategic business consulting and continuity planning solutions.

CEO-Level Sales Attention. The founding principals of Pinnacle Advisory Group are among the original breakaway advisors having left a major insurance firm more than 20 years ago.  Now they run one of the leading independent wealth management firms in the nation and one recognized 5x by Moss Adams “Best Managed Practice” Award.  Who better to sell the advantages of independence than our own CEO John Hill, CFP?.  

On-Boarding Support.  Breakaway advisors need a lot of hand-holding when they transition to independence.  Requiring an advisor to lead the transition having never been responsible for custody, the back office or compliance can lead to additional work for the custodian and frustration for the advisor.  Make Pinnacle part of the solution and allow our trained operations team to facilitate the transition.