Improve Risk Management

Want to reduce risk for your clients? Tired of back-tested strategies that fail to produce actual results? Want a solution designed for advisors?

Goal. We joined this profession to help our clients meet their personal and financial goals. Assessing a client’s risk profile and prudently investing assets to achieve the returns necessary to meet those goals is key. Indeed, that performance is not only necessary to serve our clients, but it is also necessary to ensure client satisfaction, a steady stream of referrals and steady revenue stream for your practice. 

Issue. We all grew up with Strategic Asset Allocation. It was an effective workhorse throughout the 1980s and 1990s. With the turn of the millenium and two major market declines, however, advisors and clients alike are questioning its effectiveness in a secular bear market. More to the point, will clients remain loyal should there be a third major market decline? The strategy’s success is increasingly a bet the business proposition. It’s no surprise, then, that so many advisors are searching for cost effective investment strategies that enable clients to participate in the market’s upside while protecting it against additional major market declines.

Solution. Pinnacle Advisor Solutions comprehensive outsourcing solution offers advisors the option of either Tactical Asset Allocation or Strategic Asset Allocation.  The Tactical Asset Allocation program is a high correlation risk-managed strategy that enables clients to participate in up markets while limiting downside in declining markets. The strategy offers a ten-year GIPS-audited track record of beating the benchmark with less risk after all fees and expenses — proving itself during the most difficult markets in history.   To learn more about our Risk-Managed Investments Program click < here >.