Be Your Own Boss

Tired of being told how to service your clients? Is the bureaucracy and the boss getting you down? Ready to start the better half of your career?

Goal.  You built your business from the ground up – one relationship at a time.  Your clients entrusted you to care for their financial future and you advocate in their best interest.  In return, you seek the freedom to serve them in the best way you know how, to earn a living in the process and to own your own firm.

Issue.  You chose to become an advisor to serve clients, not profit your firm at their expense.  Too often the boss or the bureaucracy is getting in the way of serving your client as you see fit and, more to the point, clients are increasingly aware that their interests are not always being served. Everything you have built is at risk.  More and more advisors are choosing their clients by choosing independence. The challenge is to learn how and partner with the right firms to make it happen.

Solution. Pinnacle Advisor Solutions is a leader in providing breakaway advisors with the education they need to make an informed decision about independence and provides one of the leading turnkey business solutions available — and one of the only solutions for advisors with less than $400 million who want to start their own firm.

Let us walk you through your options and help you get started on the better half of your career.  Schedule a confidential consultation using the link in the sidebar to the right.